Tuesday, April 14, 2009

XML Validation - simple Groovy app runnig on Google App Engine

After announcemnt that Java is available on Google App Engine I was lucky enough to register and get account to try this exciting feature for us Java developers. Guillaume Laforge blogged about creating Google App Engine application in Groovy. As I was playing with Groovy/Grails lately I decided to make a simple GAE web app using Groovy.

The result is XML Validation application that basically consist of one Groovlet and one GSP page.

I must say that I was inspired by a simple but great Groovy web console app. Mostly in using CodeMirror for XML syntax highlighting. If you want to know more on Groovlets and GroovyTemplate (GSPs) I recommend that you read excellent article by Andrew Glover and Scott Davis on developerworks. I look forward to see all the great applications that will be deployed on GAE. Keep Grooving!

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